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Step 2: 
the Authentic AI
 Step-by-Step Strategy 

Step 3: 
How to Attract Consistent Clients Using Ai 
Without Losing Your Authenticity 


Step 3: 
Book a Call with Our Clarity Team 

Our team of experts here at Quantum Impact can help you create targeted and engaging content, build a program that provides transformation, align your business to who you are and your gifts and guide you through as you remove the blocks and restrictions that have held you back so you can rewire your subconscious and nervous system for unstoppable success.

Book a call with us today and let us support you in growing your business. 

Our team can help you achieve your business goals and make your coaching business a success. Don't wait, book a call with us now to see 
if it's a good fit for us both. 


This Is For The Impact - Driven Coach / Mentor / Expert Who ...

  • Makes a deep impact with clients already - You know you're good at what you do, yet you just suck at the marketing part of it all ... 
  • Wearing what we call "golden handcuffs": Sure you've got a great job that pays well, which is why you're still working, however coaching is your heart and what you really want to be doing.  You just need to be making enough in order to make the jump to go full time 
  • Feels like you're doing "all the things" in your coaching business yet you're still not getting the results and those multiple 5 figure months ... 
  • You're starting to feel like a failure - Coaching is something you feel so called to do, so you're left wondering, "why am I not getting the results that I know I'm capable of" 
  • ​You feel like your coaching /healing /expert business has gotten to a plateau - You're stuck in being able to grow and haven't been able to discover that blindspot yet
  • You know content and building an audience is how you're going to get your next clients - yet don't have a solid strategy and feel like it's all just "to much" 
  • ​Left wondering "how do other coaches come out with such amazing content all the time" while you're stuck sitting in front of your computer staring at a blank screen 
  • ​A coach who needs a step by step tool to build their audience so that you can position yourself as an authority and go - to in your niche 

Does This Sound Like You?

If so, You're In the right place!!

From Just a Few of Our Clients ...




Who is this NOT for?

  • ​People who don't care about the impact they make with clients. If you're in the industry only to make a quick buck and not out for transformation with your clients, this isn't for you. 
  • People that aren't open to learning new strategies. If you think your way is the best way and aren't willing to be coachable then this is not for you.
  • People who don't believe energy plays a roll in your success.   Our Quantum Impact model brings in modalities based around Quantum Physics.  We believe it takes energetics and aligned strategic action (and you need both)
  • ​People that aren't willing to invest in themselves - Growing a business requires investing in learning, marketing, tools etc.

Does This Sound Like You?

If so, it's totally cool - we know Quantum Impact isn't right for everyone.  
We truly wish you the best for whatever you're out for :) 

From the Desk of Holly and Chad Ockstadt:

First off, we want to really honor you and just acknowledge your tenacity to grow your coaching / healing business to the next level.    

Our world needs coaches who are dangerously awake, fully alive, and unified in heart and purpose...

To raise the vibration of humanity.
To leave a better earth for future generations.
To live our calling and mission in the world.

It's going to require all of us to have a fierceness within us.
Where our passion burns stronger than any fear or doubt that would sneak up on us.

To not play small.
To get out of the way of ourselves.
To create what we're here to do with abundance and purpose. 

So why should you listen to us? 

Because we've worked with 100's of clients and given them the framework that allowed them to generate a combined millions of dollars worth of clients in the last three years 
(you’ll be shocked when you find out how simple it is). 

Once you know how it works, you’ll never be left wondering where your next client is coming from, ever again

Here's how we can help you: 

We work with impact - driven coaches, healers and experts to create client attraction processes, 
build evergreen signature programs and clear out blindspots that may be holding you back. 

You have gifts that not only serves others,  it transforms their life.  

And you wouldn't have this vision in your heart as strong as it is if you weren't supposed to make it a reality.  

So how come it hasn't happened yet? 

 I know it can be scary and overwhelming figuring out how to put this all together ... 

The truth is, it's not your fault ...

You’ve bought the courses, You’ve dialed into all of the podcasts and now it’s like you’ve got home with your big package from Ikea and there are no instructions on how to put it all together.

Here's the thing, unless something shifts, you know that your business won’t grow and year after year after year it’s going to stay stagnate.

And not only will that happen in your bottom line, but it’ll happen to your expression and your purpose and mission in this world.

The thing that we do, is we make complete sentences, in fact, whole books out of that alphabet soup.

So you suddenly understand, not just how to run your business effectively online, but to get your mission and message fully into the world.

More from our Clients...

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Too Many Coaching Clients
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